Standard protection clauses for the Québec government’s intellectual property rights on the information highway

The information in this site is the property of the Québec government, which holds the intellectual property rights. Unless otherwise stated, the government’s rights extend to all documents, data, compilations, and other works on this site. Government trademarks are also protected.

Anyone, without authorization or cost, but on condition of mentioning the source, may download or otherwise reproduce documents, data, compilations, and other works on this site, as long as it is not done for commercial ends. In this case, prior approval must be obtained from the Québec government. See Intellectual Property Rights below.

Information integrity

The Québec government guarantees the integrity of the information at the time it first appears on the site, but not after. It does not guarantee any documents, data, or other items that have been altered or modified in any way, whether downloaded or not. In case of a discrepancy between an official text and the contents of this site, the official text takes precedence.

Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights are exclusive rights the Québec government has over documents that is produces or publishes, whether they are administrative or official texts (laws, regulations, judgments, etc.) or whether they are produced by its employees, a department, a public agency, or a third party that has ceded its rights to the state or conferred licensed use to the state. These rights notably include authors’ rights, trademarks, and patents.

By way of example, compilations of data and information on the government sites are works protected by authors’ rights the same way a multimedia, literary, musical, or artistic work is.

Use by a third party of the material covered by such rights must, unless otherwise stated or otherwise provided for in applicable laws, obtain authorizations, licenses, permissions, or copyright interests from the holder of the rights. This particularly applies to data reproduction, storage, or archiving for ends other than those explicitly permitted.

Thus, anyone who, for commercial ends, plans or desires to reproduce, store, download, translate, publicly use the sounds or images of, or communicate by telecommunications any document, data, or other item on the site must obtain the Québec government’s prior approval by contacting the department or organization in charge of the site with the desired information.

Furthermore, when these works are used in any way, no one may delete the name of the rights holder, nor modify the content by addition, suppression, or otherwise, without committing a breach of moral rights.