The Government of Québec welcomes you! This site will help you learn more about Québec and understand its place in the Americas. It will also give you an idea of the history of the Summits and explain the positions Québec has adopted with respect to the issues to be discussed at the Third Summit of the Americas. In addition, you will find a press room loaded with news and resources for journalists. Enjoy your visit and come back soon to visit us again.


Québec and the Summit of the Americas

The origin of the Summits; the subjects to be discussed at the Québec Summit; Québec's position on these subjects; the calendar of events.

Québec at a glance

A brief look at the land,  the society, the institutions and the culture that are Québec, as well as its economy and its network of representatives abroad.

Québec and the Americas

An overview of Québec's relations with its partners in the Americas, its economic indicators, its trade relations, its bilateral and cooperative relations; a list of its cultural communities and associations; a promising initiative: Québec's Decade of the Americas.

Press room

Press releases, speeches, practical information for visitors, specialized services for the media and other interested persons.


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